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Have you attended any specialty bicycle courses? Such as Park Tool/Barnett/United
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An Opportunity to Tell Us About Yourself

Please consider this section an opportunity to present yourself in terms of your sales experience, interests, aptitudes and goals. You will note that many of the items are designed to give you freedom in expressing yourself -- ideas, feelings, imagination, originality, etc.

Do you own a bicycle?*
It's ok if you don't, we wont judge you.
Yes, couldn't live without it!
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If yes, what kind is it, and how do you like to ride?
Recreation, competition, mountian trails, give us a rundown of your cycling style
How would you describe your cycling interest
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If you are applying for a mechanic/tech position, please tell us about your experience and training.*
Tell us about your selling experience*
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In your opinion, what do companies to that makes the sales professional's life more difficult?*

All About You

Here's your chance to really sell yourself. Is there anything you think we should know about you? Tell us about any other qualifications or characteristics that you think qualify you to be on the Bike One team!

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